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Is the patrol car good for glass fiber reinforced plastic or sheet metal?

​With the improvement of manufacturing technology and the trend of creating energy-saving and environmentally-friendly products, patrol cars are made of sheet metal and glass fiber reinforced plastics, both of which have their own advantages. First of all, glass fiber reinforced plastic uses glass fiber cloth and resin as the main raw materials, mature technology, low cost of molds developed, and quick replacement. 

​The disadvantage is that fertilizers, dust, and finished products cannot be decomposed for a long period of time during the manufacturing process, which is not environmentally friendly. Requirements: The sheet metal is stamped with iron sheet, edge material is cut, and formed by welding. The disadvantage is that the cost of the mold is high. Automobile craftsmanship also adopts sheet metal craftsmanship, so the future direction of special vehicles in the field such as patrol cars is designated sheet metal.

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